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The asbof Board and Council members are representatives of the major industry bodies:

The Advertising Association AA
Cinema Advertising Association CAA
Direct Marketing Association DMA
Directory and Database Publishers Association DDPA
Incorporated Society of British Advertisers ISBA
Institute of Practitioners in Advertising IPA
Institute of Sales Promotion ISP
Internet Advertising Bureau IAB
Newspaper Publishers Association NPA
Newspaper Society NS
Outdoor Advertising Association OAA
Periodical Publishers Association PPA
Royal Mail RM
Scottish Daily Newspaper Society SDNS
Scottish Newspaper Publishers Association SNPA

In addition to collecting the funds, the asbof board reviews and approves the budgets of the ASA and MPS each year, and based on these, makes funding payments to these two bodies.

It also funds the Independent Reviewer, who considers appeals against ASA decisions, and makes smaller payments in connection with advertising self-regulation.

TV and Radio advertising are outside the scope of the asbof levy.

Until October 2004 these continued to be regulated by statutory bodies. From November 2004, regulation of broadcast advertising has been delegated by Ofcom to The Advertising Standards Authority (Broadcast) Ltd. The Broadcast Advertising Board of Finance Ltd (basbof) was formed, and a similar levy system has been established to fund broadcast advertising self-regulation.

Asbof and basbof share staff and premises.

Together, the asbof and basbof boards appoint the Chairman of the ASA, but neither board have any input or control over decisions made by the ASA on advertisements.


The directors of asbof, and, where appropriate, the organisations they represent, are as follows:

Sir Chris Powell Chairman
Tim Lefroy AA
Terence Lince CAA
James Best CAP
Chris Combemale DMA
Charles Ping DMA
Chris Whitworth IPA
Richard Eyre IAB
Mark Howe IAB
Paul Bainsfair IPA
Robin O'Neill IPA
Mike Hughes ISBA
Andrew McCarthy ISBA
Guy Black NPA
David Newell NS
Paul Hunter NS
Bill Wilson OAA
Barry McIlheney PPA
Charles Meredith PPA
Jonathan Harman RM
John McLellan SDNS
Stephen Hemsted Secretary
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The following resources are available for download.

Operation of the Levy
Updated: September 2011
(31k .pdf in new window)

Annual Reports

2010 - 2011
Issue 36
(57k .doc in new window)

2009 - 2010
Issue 35
(42k .pdf in new window)

2008 - 2009
Issue 34
(64k .doc in new window)

2007 - 2008
Issue 33
(51k .pdf in new window)

Other Resources

FAQs Self-Regulation & Paid Search
Updated: August 2010
(25k .docx in new window)

Why Advertisers Should Pay for Self Regulation
Updated: September 2009
(17k .pdf in new window)

Extension of ASA remit to websites
Updated: November 2009
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